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Zach Fleeman

Zach Fleeman

Data. Software. Video games.

What started as an attempt to learn Hugo has resulted in the creation of my personal website. Thank you for visiting.

I am a data scientist turned software engineer in the Denver/Boulder, Colorado Metropolitan Area. I hold a Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics from the Helzberg School of Management at Rockhurst University along with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the University of Missouri. I love to tinker and create.

When I’m done being traditionally productive, I am probably running long distances, playing with my children, or working on some project involving video games.

Personality Assessment Documents #

My former employers once paid for the staff to take personality tests. Here they are:


Arcade Paradise is my 2022 Game of the Year
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Get to work. Pick up trash. Do laundry. Play games.
Repurposing an Old Wi-Fi Camera Into a Motion-Sensitive Litter Box Cat Sitter
Python Millie
When your fascination with networked cameras intersects with your feline-based separation anxiety, you get this write-up.
Stay Out of the House
Video Games Puppet Combo
Puppet Combo finally released their new game, Stay Out of the House, on October 13th. Is this game worth your time, or should you stay out of Stay Out of the House? This is an incredible summary line.
Starting a Hugo Blog
Website Golang Blogging R
Checking out this blogging thing. I hear it’s gonna be big.
Kooky Spooky Half Marathon 2022
Family Running
I ran a lot for three months.