With my graduate program, I have been able to do one of my favorite things in the world: talk to people about data… and sometimes video games. Below are a few of those recorded presentations.

My Jogging Dashboard using R Shiny Dashboard

For a final project, I had to “create a dashboard.” Luckily, I had already begun developing one for my new jogging hobby(?). This is a talk I had with my classmate, Brett, about creating a Shiny Dashboard. The dasboard is located here.

Twitter Sentiment Analysis with Emojis using Python

This was a fun project. I worked with my classmate, Joe, to include Emojis in the AFINN sentiment dictionary. Once we defined which Emojis were happy or sad, I used the script on my brother-in-law’s Twitter feed. I start presenting at 6:20.

Simple Data Visualization using Tableau

I’ve already brought up my YouTube hobby on this website, but this talk I gave about my hobby helped define a “business” strategy around my channel with a few simple data visualizations.

Using R Markdown Tabsets

This isn’t really a talk, but more of a tutorial on R Markdown’s tabsets that I recorded for my classmates during our Forecasting and Time Series Analysis class.

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