My name is Zach Fleeman. I am an engineer in Kansas City, Missouri. I’m almost 6’2" tall.

I studied Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering from 2007 to 2011 at the University of Missouri and I am currently pursuing a Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics from Rockhurst University. I love working with data and people.

I work as a supervisor at Honeywell FM&T during the day, and I am always looking for ways to learn new things and expand my body of work. Send work inquiries to

This website houses my online works and personal blog. I write a whole lot of R code, so I decided to recreate my website using a combination of R Markdown documents. I’m hosting everything on a five-dollar DigitalOcean droplet. Please browse the links in the navbar up top. Some Most of them bring you to my external profiles.

When I’m done being traditionally productive, I am probably running or capturing video game footage for my YouTube channel.

Personality Assessment Documents

Previous jobs paid for the staff to take personality tests.

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