Zach Fleeman's Website

My name is Zach Fleeman. I am an engineer in Kansas City, Missouri. This website houses my creative works and personal blog.

YouTube and Let's Plays

I'm a YouTube Partner, apparently. I like talking over video games. It ties into my love of podcasts and video editing.


I've been on Twitter for a while. Even though I don't tweet as frequently as I used to, it's still my preferred communication method. Get in touch with me there.

Websites created

Thoughts on my web presence

I like to be as forward-facing as possible. Making something out of nothing and sharing it with the world is a form of creation I can get behind. I do not have much to hide about myself, so I feel that whatever content I put on the Internet should be taken at face value. The words I write, images I edit, and videos I record are a byproduct of turning my free time into something creative. My professional life has existed alongside this website for many years now, and I would hate to see my expression on the Internet be interpreted as anything but expression.

Made in Kansas City, Missouri.

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